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We are the Hybrid Community

For much (if not all) of human existence, we have created micro-communities, or tribes, that pass down traditions, stories, and culture. Today, we see similar behavior in sobriety groups, colleges, unions, churches, and sports fans. This interconnectivity serves the individuals and the greater consciousness by encouraging one to organize based on personal values, beliefs, and preferences.

Unfortunately, gaps between ‘the mentor and mentee’ have grown with the intense, limitless bounds of the internet and social media companies. The glue that once held communities together for generations is being eradicated. With a growing mental health crisis, drug overdose deaths, and the alarming rise of teens’ feelings of hopelessness, depression, and suicide - This group focuses on social support, mental health, addiction prevention, and attempting to reinforce that glue.

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Our starting point
2022 Stats on Self-Efficacy & Social Life for SUD 


Our mission is to educate and empower people throughout the world to identify and meet their socio-emotional needs- emotional stability, identity, meaning, connection, purpose and belonging- to improve their lives.

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Reasons People are Joining


Mentor/ Mentee Relationships

Mentor/ Mentee relationships change people's lives and increase the success rate significantly for the mentee. 


Build your friend group based  on your future

It is a lot easier to accomplish your goals whether they are short-term or long by building your social circle based on the direction you want your life to go.

Removing the barrier of location and creating vulnerability allows for a deep connection with those like you. 


Engage & Organize without state boundaries

When people come together behind a specific goal, ideas get developed, strategy gets made, and power comes in numbers. 

Unionizing Recovery puts the power in our communities' hands for generational change.

- Our platform is ad-free and allows members to organize and leverage each others' expertise and experience without the confines of location, time or specific identity.

Take a Stake in your Community

Teens Support and Resources

Transitional Times 


Recovery Help

Relationship Help


Work Shops

Glass Buildings


Coaching Program


Curriculum Consulting

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