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Personal Mission

To live and experience the world through a lens of perpetual learning, teaching and helping with the goal of leaving the world a better place by reducing humanity’s unnecessary spiritual and emotional suffering.

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My Story

Kyle was born in Covington, LA, and moved to Santa Cruz, California by the age of four. From there his family moved to Everett, WA where he lived until he was 10 until moving to Mukilteo, WA. This is where he attended and completed middle and high school. During his time in high school he played competitive “select” soccer and on the Varsity team at Kamiak High School.

After completing high school, Kyle attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA where he played soccer for four years and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts. From there he went to St. Martin’s University and earned an MBA. Shortly after graduation from St. Martin’s he moved to Alaska. After he graduated he moved to Alaska and went to work in the legal field where he worked until 2017 when he was fired due to his inability to perform his job duties, largely because of substance abuse.

After he was fired, his life became a complete dumpster fire. His already failing marriage ended in divorce, he and his ex spent their savings on drugs, became homeless and separated. By August 2018, Kyle was in jail where he stayed for the most part until January, 2019. After that he was either “on the run” from the law or in jail until August, 2019. He stayed out until he caught a new charge in October 2019. However, due to serious medical conditions (eye infection and MRSA) he was taken to the hospital. As a result he was able to get off of meth and get clean. He is clean to this day.

From the time Kyle was 18 to the day he got clean, he says that he doesn’t remember 30 entire days during that 16 or so year period that he was clean. He did almost every drug you can think of, and then some more. He consumed way more alcohol than he can possibly remember and can’t recall large portions of his life. His relationship was highly abusive. He has trust issues and doesn’t like to admit that he has needs other than food, water and shelter. 


As a result of using, he says that he lost significant time that he now realizes may have been spent more productively had he learned or realized the tenets that he now holds so deeply and those that he wishes to share with the world in the form of True Self.

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