Personal Mission

No matter what your circumstances are, you have the choice to recover. No matter what has happened to you, you have the option to recover. Everyone has the option to learn how to achieve personal freedom through emotional stability and security.

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My Story

My name is Laken Amberg, and today, every action supports my number one value in life, emotional freedom. I made the conscious choice to face my story with courage, determination, and strength so that I can be a model of what healing looks like. Many teachers speak of theories and processes of healing, but there is still too much ambiguity that people get lost in, which is why I created True Self Inc. True Self Inc. is a socio-emotional company that strengthens communities and family structures by educating people on HOW to create meaningful and purposeful connections. Our core principle is teaching radical personal responsibility and the obligation for personal spiritual health and healing.

The thing is, many gifts lie within our past pains, and for me, they start from a young age. During the beginning of my life, I engaged with the world through vibrational contracts and energetic blueprints because I could not verbally communicate with most people until the age of 8. I grew up in an alcoholic household, and over the years, I had tried everything to numb out the mental, emotional, and sexual abuse I dealt with. As a result, my body manifested severe scoliosis from the constant pressure I dealt with as a child. I found myself lost in a world of opioid addiction and drug induced schizophrenia. On March 19, 2014, I decided to attempt a life in sobriety and while I put the hard drugs down, I noticed that I had a lot more relationship problems when I started to begin my healing process.

As I took my first job as a healer, things really started to open, and I understood my chronic pain better. My first realization of conquering my pain was spiritually orgasmic. It was by far my greatest accomplishment. Years later, I found myself receiving cancer treatments and as I laid on the ground in agony from a life-saving procedure, I made a promise to myself that I needed to share the things I had learned, the process in which I healed with others. Ever since, I knew I had to help shape, inspire, and model mental, relational, and community health.

My deep relationship with physical, emotional, and mental pain started at an incredibly young age. Ironically, so did my curiosity about emotional freedom, intimate healing, spiritual boundaries, and mental independence. As I follow the path, I am led to share my deepest lessons, vibrational exercises, understandings and theories, socio-emotional boundaries, and integration techniques that have given me the freedom of life second to none.


May you have the courage and the love to face your story with compassion and wisdom. And if you so wish to collaborate with me, it would be my honor to be a part of something bigger than myself.

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