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About True Self

True Self was founded by Laken Amberg and Kyle Andrews on the principles they obtained by successfully recovering from their addictive pasts. By combining their philosophies of rigorous introspection, self-analysis, honesty, education, enrichment, and exploration, they have been able to work together to capture their respective feminine and masculine energies and focus them on creating the True Self Method, which focuses on the ideas based on cognitive behavioral therapy, existentialism, energetic exchange, personal radical personal responsibility among others as a means to enrich our personal and social lives, and our world at large. You can learn about the True Self Method and Framework by clicking here.

While it can be said that everything people do generally meets a need, want, or desire of some sort, our opinion is that our human and technological advances have elevated us to an unprecedented point in history where humans don’t know how to meet their personal social needs.

"We are not taught about the importance of the relationship with “Self,” authentic personal identity, and how to successfully achieve a state of “Well-Being.”


As a result, we live in a world fraught with addictions (video games, materialism, drugs, alcohol, etc,), suicide, depression, nihilism, and a general lack of appreciation for the importance of mental health in our life pursuits. We are not taught that as we elevate humanity and our basic needs are not being met, we have other mental and emotional needs that are required to maintain homeostasis, or, better yet, work towards self-actualization.

True Self is focused on helping people worldwide identify and meet the needs they may not even know they have. We do this through the Law of Association and the Law of Practice by developing content available to people throughout the world and working in our communities to educate people and help them see that they alone can solve their problems…if they work to understand themselves and others around them.



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