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Recovery Coaching for Life & Future

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So you got clean, now what?

Whether you have a specific goal, pattern in your life, or a relationship that you want to fix, our coaching services are particular to those in recovery. We focus on the principles of self-integrity and how they show up in life on life's terms. We have developed an online platform for our clients to use between appointments because sometimes you need more help than once a week. We have a group community, videos, reflection questions (online), daily hacks, and one-on-one calls to further your recovery, relationships, and contribution.  Kyle and Laken work with our clients in three-month increments because that seems to be an appropriate time to identify areas to change, integrate the change, and measure results. Our sessions can range from once or twice per week, and once every two weeks. Any sessions longer than two weeks at a time make it difficult for our relationship, as the coach and client, to build and make the impact we both want. 

Our expertise lies in teaching boundaries in personal relationships, creating a legacy, parenting skills, communication, value system, happiness management, and resource management. Most things that affect happiness, fulfillment, and purpose in life can come down to three questions,

1. How am I experiencing myself?
2. How are others experiencing me?
3. How am I experiencing others around me?

We want to help you feel confident, secure, and stable when going after your dream life.

**focused, customizable coaching for recovery and relationship problems. True Self offers mentorship services for individuals seeking direction for a specific goal or outcome.

Our Services


Individual Sessions

 Whether you are new in addiction recovery, struggling with depression, stuck in a rut, cannot maintain boundaries, looking for motivation, inspiration or any other personal struggle, we are here to help, support, and motivate you. What this looks like for any person is different, but you can expect a direction in developing a foundation for your future self, personalized one-on-one coaching meetings, reflection and implementation exercises, and emotional support in your journey to achieve personal success.


Family Bonding, Boundaries and Communication

Romance, parenting, friendship, dating, boundaries, patterns, communication. Should I say more?


Fun Activities.



Couples / Partnership

For anyone who has to work together for the next 10 years.

You can expect to meet with either Laken or Kyle to discuss their questions, concerns, and what they hope to achieve. Then, Kyle and Laken will go to work providing insights, ideas, and a framework for change. This process is expected to take at least four weeks but can take up to three months depending on the couple's ability to be open and implement new ideas and exercises.


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