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Personal missions True Self is dedicated to creating awareness and change.


True Self is dedicated to helping adolescents, teens and young adults that have experienced abuse, neglect and other forms of emotional and psychological trauma. Children that experience these conditions in their lives are more likely to suffer from depression, addiction, suicide or other less than desirable conditions.

True Self is committed to shaping the landscape for how our society views and treats a wide variety of maladaptive behaviors, patterns, habits, and coping skills characterized under the subtitles of addiction, substance abuse, and Recovery.  We also recognize that the current treatment and twelve-step model of identifying as an addict for the rest of your life are not an adaptive means of recovering who you really want to be. The reason for this is that our personal identity and beliefs about ourselves, both now and who we want to be in the future, shape our trajectory for the rest of your life. If you think that everything you do after you wake up is great, simply because you are not an addict, then you are likely setting your standards for yourself fairly low. That may be ok for some, but we see it as unnecessary and highly limiting.

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These stigmatizations and judgments are unhelpful and unproductive for the population or society at large as they further perpetuate the problem, instead of accepting them where they are at and offering education and tools to change. In order to rehabilitate and reintegrate this population appropriately, we must educate, nurture and support them without about their socio-emotional needs.

Without careful attention being paid to our partners, ourselves and/or our relationship, we can end up lost without direction, purpose, meaning, support or challenge and not really have an idea of how we got there to begin with. 

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