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True Self App

Self Development on the go

True Self’s App is designed as a highly accessible, easy-to-use product that contains weekly modules that people can use to educate and implement our ideas and content into their daily lives.


Currently, there are six modules titled:

  1. Self-Esteem- To help identify your baseline

  2. Face Value- To identify needs, wants, desires and behaviors

  3. Reality Check-Expectation Management

  4. Rewriting Your Encyclopedia-To help reframe your past and current circumstances

  5. Voice Activation-Communication and Love Languages

  6. Boundaries-Implementation and Maintenance


Soon we will be rolling out content directed at:

  • “Why We Think We Became Addicts and What We Do About It”

  • “How to Convey Confidence and Where Confidence Comes From”

  • "Parenting Style"

Programs Avaliable

Addiction Recovery 2.0
Become your own Bestfriend
Become the Perfect Partner
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