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Community outreach, social events, & awareness events  

Event DJ


Team building, customer service, mental & family needs, integration & management 

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Awareness Campaigns, Research and Spokesperson

Giving a Speech

Program Development

Curriculum development, program management, vision planning & strategy

Take Away's
  • Communitcation
  • Trust
  • Effective Leadership
Take Away's
  • Communitcation
  • Trust
  • Effective Leadership
For Businesses
For Relationships

Workshops & Speaking Engagments

True Self offers customized workshops and speaking engagements for athletic, professional, or public teams and organizations. We bring our education, energy, and eloquence to you with the aim of helping your team come together and empower each other by using differences as strengths rather than weaknesses. The workshops or speaking engagements can be paired with personalized team-building services to craft a unique message for your organization.

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