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True Self Method & Strategy

Why do The True Self Method

True Self recognizes a global epidemic of spiritual sickness that is caused largely by a lack of education at a young age about our socio-emotional needs as humans. We are taught that we need friends, family, mentors, goals, dreams, etc. but not necessarily how to accomplish those things or why we need them. As humans have improved living conditions and technology, we have quickly become out of touch with what got us this far over the last millennia.. emotional stability, identity, meaning, connection, purpose and belonging. So now as we have the opportunity to dismantle our tribes and choose our own, we need to first figure out who we are, why we are that way and who we want to be going forward. The True Self Method is aimed at meeting socio-emotional needs that seem to become more prevalent as our technology advances.


What is membership with True Self?

Claiming True Self “Membership” indicates that you have recognized a desire for personal spiritual development, educating yourself and others by sharing your experiences and wisdom. True Self Members make a conscious decision of who they want to be in the future, work towards becoming that person using the True Self Method, and model True Self’s core principles to the world. Once you are a True Self member, it is your responsibility to yourself and society to model who you want to become.

What is the requirement for True Self?

True Self membership has one requirement: Follow the Core Principles. There are no fees. However, membership requires members to work towards improving their communities by connecting with their community members and sharing their experience and wisdom with those around them. We highly recommend attending events, meetings, workshops and watching the content so that you can see the True Self Method in action.


What is expected of me in order to get the most out of this program?

To get the most out of True Self’s program, consume our content, do the exercises and attend True Self’s events, workshops, groups, and speaking engagements.

What will be the result of me doing the work and embarking on this self-discovery journey?

Committing to the True Self lifestyle will result in an understanding of emotional freedom, freedom of thought and emotional stability. You will see immediate improvement in your intimate relationships, sex life and relationship with your body. You will feel motivated and inspired by who you are. You will gravitate towards laughter in groups, deepen your relationship with yourself and others and get more out of your social interactions and events. You will focus on your inner world which leads you to the contribution, improvement in physical health, giving and LIVING – not simply existing. This will encourage you to go after your dreams, improve or repair your romantic and platonic relationships, improve self-control with external stimuli and chemical dependency, live in recovery of your life and self, nourish your community, sense of purpose, and drive.


What can I gain from studying this information?

People who use the True Self Method will learn how to align their life with their personal values. As a result, their personal relationships will be filled with passion and energy. You will no longer need validation from others outside of you to feel strong, confident, understood, and secure.

How do I know if this education is really for me?

The True Self Method and educational materials are for individuals who struggle with: Boundaries, self-worth, loneliness, self-acceptance, purpose, partnership, relationships, mid-life crisis, boredom, personal identity, legacy, addiction, attention-seeking, and outside validation. It is also for people who experience an imbalance in their lives by investing significant energy into external activities or stimulation to escape their internal realities. Examples of these kinds of behaviors are drugs, sports, professional titles or power. The people that will benefit greatly from this program tend to struggle with authenticity (who they really are), control, jealousy, lack of independence, security, self-esteem, direction, expectations, community, connection, intimacy, love, weight gain, and codependency.

Individuals that identify with True Self’s mission have often found themselves asking if they are crazy, not understanding why things aren’t working for them. People may recognize that they weren’t taught the appropriate expectations or fundamentals from their parents in order to build deep intimacy that creates security and success. This feels like hopelessness, the feeling of being lost, craving attention and connection in their intimate relationships or friendships.

In our experience, people learn at the speed of pain, and the people that most frequently seek True Self’s Method and education are those going through a pivotal or transitional point in their lives. They are ready for change and a new way of life.

How do I start?

Start by looking through the education options that we offer. We offer different styles of educational materials such as books, audio and video programming, workshops, workbooks, private and couple mentorship, social meetups, and weekly modules on our app. Once you choose the best option for your personal and lifestyle needs, connect with the community to find support and validation with other like-minded individuals and keep up on new content as it becomes available.

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