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Project Relationship


The What & Why

True Self primary pursuit is to educate people all over the world to identify and meet their socio-emotional needs, including emotional stability, connection, meaning, belonging, identity, purpose and feeling loved. One of the most common ways that we do this is through romantic relationships. 


There are many other reasons that people participate in romantic relationships that are supported by science and there are not any right or wrong reasons, although some reasons may end up resulting in longer lasting, more fulfilling relationships than others. However, regardless of why or how you got into a romantic relationship, you know they require commitment, maintenance and care in order to remain as strong as they started. Without careful attention being paid to our partners, ourselves and/or our relationship, we can end up lost without direction, purpose, meaning, support or challenge and not really have an idea of how we got there to begin with. 

When a couple becomes aware that they don't have the level of intimacy and connection that they want, it is critical to introduce new information in order to change the situation. Why do you think so many couples break up despite wanting desperately to stay together?  It is because they don't have enough awareness of how their partner is experiencing them or the relationship or the ability to communicate in a way that fosters love and nurturing. Additionally, new ideas, tools, resources and insight are not necessarily enough for some relationships because people are so deeply entrenched in their subconscious programs.


True Self's relationship coaching and mentorship provides each person in the relationship perspective, insight, ideas and tasks to help them better understand their needs and wants (especially emotional, sexual and spiritual) and communicate them effectively to their partner. By getting to know the individuals separately, learn how they are experiencing the relationship , identify what is working and what isn't, we can help the couple to communicate with each other in a new and different way. Every couple that wants to be together deserves to be, however, without the care and attention it deserves people are often without the tools to repair the relationship themself. Let us help.

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