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True Self Method for Recovery

Our Philosophy

True Self recognizes a global epidemic of spiritual sickness that is caused largely by a lack of education at a young age about our socio-emotional needs as humans. We are taught that we need friends, family, mentors, goals, dreams, etc. but not necessarily how to accomplish those things or why we need them. As humans have improved living conditions and technology, we have quickly become out of touch with what got us this far over the last millenia...emotional stability, identity, meaning, connection, purpose and belonging. So now as we have the opportunity to dismantle our tribes and choose our own, we need to first figure out who we are, why we are that way, and who we want to be going forward. The True Self Method is aimed at meeting socio-emotional needs that seem to become more prevalent as our technology advances.

What we do

True Self provides education and resources to people all over the world to help them identify and meet their socio-emotional needs and improve their lives. Examples of socio-emotional needs are emotional stability, identity, meaning, connection, purpose and belonging. We do this by providing educational tools, resources, meetings, workshops and experiences aimed at helping individuals answer three questions to help them improve their outlook on life.

  1. “How am I experiencing myself?”

  2. “How am I experiencing others?”

  3. “How are others experiencing me?”

When we ask ourselves these questions and bring awareness to our values and intentions, we can improve ourselves and those around us. The goal of our program is to leave the world a better place and this is the way we know-how.

True Self recognizes that everyone is different and provides a variety of resources to help people discover themselves.  We call our process and collection of materials The True Self Method. The True Self Method is a perpetual process of choosing the values we want to live by, making a conscious decision to live by those values, learning about ourselves, how we perceive the world and from the people we choose to surround ourselves with.  We know that if we decide who we want to be, discover and implement new ideas and work together to achieve our goals, we can build a strong foundation and supportive community.  

True Self is the epitome of a group that equals more than the sum of its parts. We value each other's perspectives and experiences and use them to improve ourselves and our relationships with others. Our individual perspectives are simply too small to comprehend how great the energy in the world is and if we don’t have others around us to share our stories with, we don’t get our needs met.  Therefore, we must share our stories and what we have learned with each other to help each Grow Today in order to Change Tomorrow.

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