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Why are overcoming energetic patterns and re-establishing boundaries important for improving relationships with yourself and others?​

When we choose our values and begin to align our values with our behaviors and actions, it is inevitable that we will notice energetic patterns and problematic relationships that come up that are no longer serving us. Humans are creatures of habit, and if we do not maintain awareness of who we want to be now and, in the future, we will tend to do things (or let things go) that we have allowed before. If you are not steadfast in your commitment to adhere to your values, priorities, and standards, you will allow yourself to slip back into old energetic patterns, Therefore, you owe it to yourself to identify what energetic patterns and boundaries were problematic for you in the past and work to overcome and improve them. This is a process and cannot be done all at once. 

It is important to know that if you implement the True Self Method into your life, it will change how you show up to your current relationships and how you decide to create new ones.  The people that are in your life will notice these changes consciously or subconsciously and some may react adversely to the changes in your energetic patterns. The responses are not always positive. Rest assured, that this is because your change makes them uncomfortable, not because you are doing anything wrong.

Our subconscious programs, habits, and behaviors are all things that we do based on emotional programming that we have received throughout our life. These emotions and programs are stored in our bodies and our brains. They remind us to act a certain way to avoid negative feelings.  The body saves energy by making behaviors subconscious because it eliminates the decision-making process for each subconscious behavior.  Our minds and bodies are very efficient and function using the concept “don’t reinvent the wheel”.  Not all energetic patterns are unhealthy, but the unproductive ones can range from being a nuisance and to being debilitating. 

It is difficult (impossible) to identify everything you are doing subconsciously and, in fact, that’s quite unnecessary. The True Self Method helps people bring awareness to their subconscious patterns with the intention of identifying what type of person they want to become, why we want to become them, and how we need to behave to become that person. By assessing where we are and how we got to this point, we create a baseline.  Then we choose a direction that determines our goals in order to become the person that we want to be. During the evaluation, it will be necessary to identify and work to break specific, negative energetic patterns that no longer serve you or your relationships.

Re-establishing and reframing boundaries in relationships is an important part of creating and maintaining self-esteem. Throughout our journey, we will have to choose which relationships we plan to keep in our lives and why. For the relationships that we choose to keep, it will be critical to evaluate the boundaries that we allowed in the past and reframe ones that don’t meet our standards or rules of engagement anymore.  This is a vital part of the process of being proud of who we are, communicating that with others, and teaching others how we want to be treated.

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