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What obstacles will hold you back from committing to this group?

If you are beginning this work, the biggest obstacles you will face are maintaining your vision, positive self-talk, boundaries with people in your life, specific people not supporting your choice to improve, mental and emotional triggers that lead to regressions in behavior.  True Self is committed to helping you achieve long-term success by providing a vision, framework, and support for you and your future self. Part of our mission is to create access to people in your community that are on the same journey as you are. By sharing your journey and connecting with others, we are able to learn from and support each other in difficult times and celebrate exciting moments as a community. 

To overcome your self-doubt, we recommend reaffirming personal belief or desire through auto-suggestion, journaling about your ideas and potential, and establishing a community to support you. You should know that even the most successful people in the world doubted themself at some point. It’s a normal thing to do, but just because you think something doesn’t make it true.

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